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Me Guy Audet

Me Guy Audet has a degree from University of Sherbrooke and has been admitted at the Bar of Quebec in 1985. He works mainly in property law. Since February 2004, Me Audet has been working under the name Guy Audet Lawyers.

Between 2004 and 2016, he was the legal counsellor for the Apartment Owners Association of Greater Montréal (AOAGM) and its members.

Before, he practised for more than 15 years in association with the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ).

Me Audet also takes part in numerous conferences including conferences for the Bar of Montreal.

Me Sarah Bissonnette

Me Sarah Bissonnette has a degree in law from the University of Montreal. Since 2008, she works in the property and locative field. She has been admitted at the Bar of Quebec in 2012.

Between 2012 and 2016, she has been a legal counsellor for the Apartment Owners Association of Greater Montréal (AOAGM) and its members. She also takes part in conferences and participated in the television show Proprio en Otage as an expert in law.

Johanne Bureau

Ms. Bureau has a technical diploma in paralegal studies since June 2017 and is a Commissioner for Oaths since 2014.

She joined our team as a paralegal and is an important member for the administration of Guy Audet Avocats. Ms. Bureau knows how to utilize her knowledge and experience as a paralegal and business administrator in her work.

Latest chronicles

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Rental law
Dividing, enlarging or changing the destination of a dwelling

Article 1959 of the Civil Code of Quebec gives landlords the right to evict their tenants to “divide the dwelling, enlarge it substantially or change its destination.” In accordance with article 1960 C.C.Q., the landlord will have to notify his tenant at least six months before the expiry of the lease in the case of…

Rental law
Resiliation of the lease and drug trafficking

In the course of their daily management, landlords can receive complains about a tenant doing drug trafficking or using drugs himself. Can the landlord obtain the resiliation of the lease by proving that the tenant is doing drug trafficking? Can he obtain it by proving only a use of drugs? In a 2003 decision, Corporation…

Rental law
Lease Assignment and the Grounds for Refusal

You are receiving more and more notices of assingment of lease in the course of your daily managment. The question at hand is to know the legal grounds on which they can be refused. In a case, Desrochers v. Courville(1), an interesting decision was rendered by the Régie du logement in favor of landlords. This…